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Mountain Lotus publishers is one of the smallest book publishers in the world. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Mountain Lotus Publications has over 40 books branded as the world of education and human development. Currently, the books are being translated into several other languages including French, Spanish, Farsi, Thai and Mandarin. Mountain Lotus Publications currently has several titles written across dozens of genres from politics, parenting, emotional intelligence, career, finance and psychology. Showcased authors currently include Valerie Bertrand of True Wealth Consulting.


New Books Available 2020

The following are a list of books available through mountain Lotus Publications Spring 2020:

A Young Girl’s Guide to an Empowered Life

Love and Strength – A Parent’s Guide to Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

Love and Strength – The Workbook

Life After Therapy – How to Find Happiness After Leaving Therapy

Around the World in 180 Men

Harmonic Interiors – Inner Design Concordances

Chakra Abundance –

Exposing Toxic Truth


Feng Shui for Kids

How to Feng Shui Your Space In Nine Easy Steps

Feng Shui Workbook

Your Perfect Combination

How to Ride a Unicycle to Hell and Back

Project E – Raising Children Emotionally & Intelligently

Chosen Choice

House of Pain- Escaping Life of Involuntary Prostitution

The Inner Road Out of Serfdom – Escaping Slavery

Money Healing

Financial Abuse

Healing Homelessness

Finding Home

Healing Grief

The Enlightened Thyroid

Self-Worth and Money

So I married an Alexythmic

Spirit of Abundance

This Is You Sleeping

I Want to Move to America so I Can Become Homeless – A Foreigner’s Guide to Understanding Americans


Speakers Development Studio – How to Have a Totally Fit Communication Style

The Power of Friendship

Power to the Self

The Deceptive Forms of Unrequited Love

The Conscious Business Owner

The Injustice of Justice

The Modern Day Deadbeat Parent

The Personal Moneymaking Challenge

The Secret Life of the Unborn Self

The Urban Nanny

The Courage To Be You

True Wealth – The Eight Stages to Inner Wealth

Under the Bodhi Tree

Unwanted Mail Attention

Why We Love America

What I Want My Children to Know About Manifesting

Yoga for Vitality

Yoga for Healing Injuries

The Bhagavad-Gita According to Valerie

The Love Veteran

The Art of Truth

Speak Your Truth

40 Amazing Laws to Success and Prosperity

How to Manifest What You Are Really Feeling

The Psychology of Money

Let Me Be the Judge of That

The Tao of Wayne

Spirit Dancer

Understanding Love Addictions

Overcoming Financial Fear

Trademark Your Life

Indecent Composure – how the suppression of your truth makes you sick


Pre-Order Your Copies Today

This year we are celebrating our 2020 World Education book launch. Be part of the experience! Pre-order your books today and receive signed limited edition collectors edition copies when you order the complete set. For a limited time only.


Our Company

Today, the company consists of a handful of people. With the intention to grow worldwide, we are proud to offer our readers excellence and experience, explanation and education. We are continually at the forefront of emotional and global intelligence with our mission grounded in human development. To add to your own personal collection library, please order the mountain Lotus Publications books by using this order form and emailing it to MountainLotusPublications(AT) Or, by contacting us direct at 480.487.2550

Our Customers

Our customers are classrooms, communities, families, educators, business entrepreneurs and individuals with a desire to aspire to greater emotional intelligence.

Valerie Bertrand MLP

Mountain Lotus Publications Author

Valerie Bertrand has authored over 40 books. She strives for intuitive, emotional and mental excellence. Her mission is to understand life and the individuals within it. Her work is based on tacit knowledge and in-depth experience. She gives her readers a look into themselves at a level they may have never seen before. She is available by private consult or public speaking seminars. To contact Valerie Bertrand, please visit her personal website at

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