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Mountain Lotus publishers is one of the smallest book publishers in the world. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Mountain Lotus Publications has over 40 books branded as the world of education and human development. Currently, the books are being translated into several other languages including French, Spanish, Farsi, Thai and Mandarin. Mountain Lotus Publications currently has several titles written across dozens of genres from politics, parenting, emotional intelligence, career, finance and psychology. Showcased authors currently include Valerie Bertrand of True Wealth Consulting.


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Valerie Bertrand MLP

Mountain Lotus Publications Author

Valerie Bertrand has authored over 40 books. She strives for intuitive, emotional and mental excellence. Her mission is to understand life and the individuals within it. Her work is based on tacit knowledge and in-depth experience. She gives her readers a look into themselves at a level they may have never seen before. She is available by private consult or public speaking seminars. To contact Valerie Bertrand, please visit her personal website at

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