Valerie Bertrand MLP


Valerie Bertrand

Author  |  Consultant  |  Producer

Valerie is a seeker of truth and constant curiosity. Her medium for knowledge has been her interpersonal relationships, personal studies and life experiences. Her wisdom is often times expressed in raw communication with a drive for emotional intelligence. Her collections are inspired from her library of field journals of personally cultivated insights. Unveiling her stylistic thinking, she intimately unveils the portrait of knowledge with her unreleased exclusive Collections.

True Wealth Consulting

Valerie is the founder of True Wealth Living and True Wealth Consulting. True Wealth Living offers a unique approach to environment, art and design. Whether it be from wardrobe to  art collecting, it offers insights to a truly meaningful way to shape your external lifestyle. True Wealth Consulting is a idea development method that links Inner Wealth for Outer Success. Valerie has developed a unique approach to assists her clients in the conceptualizing and building phases of their projects. She is available for keynote lectures and private and corporate consulting sessions.